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January 30, 2008


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I love Kawaii Things. Don´t you? Cute colors, rainbows, yummy food... *o*
Here are the most beautiful deviations (in my opinion) I have found...If you like kawaii stuff too, I´m sure you are going to love this:

.: Stamps :.
Kawaii cupcakes stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio Kawaii cake stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio :thumb52295435: :thumb45054965: Cupcake Addict - Stamp by candysores
I Support Cute Things's Stamp by lynart Cinnamoroll fan by Neive :thumb51968704: I'm in love. by PixieRiot teddy stamp by findyQ
Panda Stamp for Nirumo by Mimisuzu I LOVE FROGS Stamp by thewildchild :thumb44349620: Flying panties by Misuteru
Cookie Stamp by pronouncedyou :thumb56134194: :thumb51915450: They're of fantasies... by PixieRiot Stamp: I support PixelArt by lynart

.: Avatar :.
Avatar - Strawberry Delight by firstfear CutiePie by candysores Rainbow Chip Cookie by candysores
BARFFF by redler1 :thumb74527360: I Love Cupcakes - Free Avatar by 0xo FREE AVATAR - PANTIE WASH by 0xo Avatar for Fuish by 0xo
Avatar for Yaoiboi2 by 0xo Winking Crayons Avatar by shirokuro-chan Fruit Sundae - Commission Av by tedsie Free Avatar Mr.Tea-Tea by xemboldenedx
Avatar for zebraskiin by xemboldenedx Free Avatar - Kop the radio by xemboldenedx Avatar Request-Cloud and... by mindigan Pixel Wings avatar by dwinky

.: DeviantID :.
:thumb59173200: :thumb36822959: Fridge ID by pronouncedyou Cute Craft ID by Cute-Craft Click Here For Bubbles by NigthmareSakura
Wink ID by Chunhyaeng Sakura's Pixel ID by CamiFortuna :thumb27965654: ID by loveariddle ID 02 by snowbunnyluv
Magic ID by PeterPan-Syndrome :thumb47400867: Nevilk ID by Nevilk NewID by Teruchan ID by WEHEARTWORLD
Blondie ID by 0xo ID that i'm not gonna use haha by poop-art nyupnyup ID by vaporotem :thumb57526642: :thumb38162259:

.: Jewelry :.
:thumb63949788: Yum Yum Yum by xlilbabydragonx :thumb51334605: :thumb62032754: Happy Fortune by tedsie
Hello Kitty Fairy Bracelet by False-desire popsicle charms by padfootsmyhero Glam Sugar Trash Crunch neckla by pinkminx :thumb66253956: My cookie rainbow by False-desire
.oO Sweet bracelet Oo. by BoRn2DaNcEoNiCe Marie Antoinette Ring -anatego by Cute-Craft Amazing New Resin Jewelry by bapity88 Cupcakes by Bottine Rainbow necklace 1 by Mimi-Mushroom
Cupcake and Lollipop MANIA by mercedesbird Rainbow Mix Bracelet by Mimi-Mushroom :thumb55339710: :thumb53156116: Donuts and Popsicles by Bottine

.: Clothes & Accesories :.
Bobsmade_shoes-candy by Bobsmade :thumb55085708: Swan Vomit Rainbow Bag by tedsie :thumb70181159: Cute Bunny Hat by MilkyBerry
Rilakkuma Tote Bag by deconstructedstars Decora - FRUiTs Cosplay by pockyfairy Bobsmade_shoes-dance by Bobsmade strawberry sponge cake purse by tabithaemma mr.tiger + by onifrogbox
Virtual Pet Bag by kickass-peanut Berry-Bag and more... by Berryland Lolita bunny clip by sakura11 Angel Clips by shiricki
Dress-up fun 3 by kickass-peanut :thumb66253873: Meowth Hoodie by kickass-peanut kawaii socks by kasatchi

.: Plushies :.
:thumb50173337: :thumb48962851: kitty sweets plushies by ladysnowbloodz Cutey PlushMellows by riaherod The Good, The Bad and the UGLY by kickass-peanut
Milk, Please Plushies by tedsie Emoberry by Berryland Ballerina Kitten by SuperCat0000 CHIBI PLUSH - tinkerbell by LoRi-La-Tortuga Lavender Scented Polka Plushie by Keito-San
plushie dinner by quidditchmom nyanko burger by aiwa-9 Stripey + Cocoa Kitty Beans by designslave All_Together_The_revenge by Scafusss strawberry milk - plushie by paperplane-products
Floating Dragon mini plushie by Mimi-Mushroom Cookie Plushies by riaherod Won't cause Cavities by kickass-peanut Berrys by hoschie Wii Plush Edition by kickass-peanut

.: Pixel Art :
Pastry by tedsie Unchi by tedsie :thumb43526552: Bouncy Pudding by GenevieveGT
:thumb57922659: LV Hand Bag by cloud-no9 :: Pastle Pixel Pets :: by Seyumi Cute Lucius Malfoy by DamaVerde Animated Scrapbook by Maheera
:thumb52770053: .The perfect cat. by ag4pe Request - Kayke by Elychan :Not For Kids: by MoonLightSpectre Mmm, chocolate? by anhiee
:: Gummy Cocktail :: by Seyumi PIXEL Panda on a star by tinuleaf PIXEL Princess cat by tinuleaf

.: Digital Art & Vector :.
brite by ToolKitten TOASTER by pronouncedyou :thumb59601048: -Tootie Fruitie- by TricksyPixel
smiling rainbow cupid lollipop by kok-gini pingu panda in rainbow love by pinkversusblack Cute Cookies by blushing Vexel - Omnibus Scrapbook by firstfear :thumb52951589:
Hail the Candy Queen XD by chibiomajo remembering... by paraNoidK ..Super Bunny.. by Kitanya Queen of Hearts by OhAnneli COFEE x MILKY by guri-chan
Wannabe O.o by Mitchu RAINBOW BRITE by lexemon -Riding The Rainbow- by TricksyPixel :thumb75783995: Artrade:Jexy C: by sakura-kindness

.: Pics :.
Gloomy Kisses by candysores :thumb38423551: Sanrio Plushies by blushing rainbow cake cute by kawainess CandyHOLIC II by SiberianClaws
HAPPY PRINCESS by OrdinaryThing twinkle twinkle pop by PeterPan-Syndrome My Little Pony by Mako588 :thumb51053987: my third eye by Mishap
my dog... by efedrina :thumb66253277: :thumb46580768: flowertot by lack-of-sanity King and Queen by Cupcake-x-Allee
Poney And Ponyta by OrdinaryThing Pink Fro 1 by JonnyBalls B y e . K i t t y by CarekillsKitty Hello Hello Kitty by OrdinaryThing
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pixiepop15 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
awesomely cute
Jexyland Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012
thank you =)
pixiepop15 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
your welcome
NingyoNoUKuro Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
Kawaiiii! ♥___♥
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S...Sooooo CUTE >//v//<
Snowflake16 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
Awesome fcollection ^^
cutestarfly8 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
These are SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I luv them
ViVoRiNo99 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
O_O It's almost overwhelming. (The cuteness, that is.)
NaiNai-chan Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
i luv this!!!!!!! :heart:
pinkbarbary Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009
Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy !!
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